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Looking for quality English to Indonesian translations? You've found your answer!! 

Welcome. Selamat datang. We are a small team of professional full-time independent translators, led by me, Teguh Irawan, a full-time professional freelance translator with a degree in language science and Diploma in Translator Training plus more than 18 years of extensive English - Indonesian translation experiences in various fields for many major brands and corporations in the world as well as government institutions and individuals. We provide dependable and professional English into Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia) translation and other translation-related services to corporate, agency, and individual clients.


We offer: 

1.  Premier quality translations: 

  • topmost accuracy, supported by a worldwide network of professionals and experts in their own fields

  • meticulous attention to details

  • up-to-date Indonesian language, terminology, styles, registers, & genres (supported by the fact that we are based in Indonesia, exposed to the contemporary Indonesian language on a daily basis all the time) 

  • always on-time or early delivery of translation jobs

  • unparalleled fluency, translations do not read like translations but like originals, which can be produced only by experts in this area

  • appropriate desktop publishing

2.  Excellent client services:

  • prompt and hassle-free services 

  • excellent deadline compliance and turnaround time

  • dependability 

  • friendly and flexible communications

3.  Reasonable rates


In the Google era of today, we could get free translation from Google for many languages, including Indonesian. This for-information-only translation is definitely not suitable for official and 'serious' documents that require certain professional touches. These are documents that may reflect on your organizational or business reputation, or mislead customers or partners if inaccurately translated, or create hazards to your customers or users if improperly translated, or any other similar documents that may lead to a decrease in your bottom line or a failure of your mission if incorrectly translated. Unfortunately, there are now dishonest wannabe translators who offer 'professional' translation services, without actually providing the services because all they do is have their clients' documents translated for them for free by Google. They typically offer very low rates in the range of USD 0.02/source word to an unimaginable low. This is not what we offer. What we offer is a truly professional, computer-aided manual human translation service that is far superior than what Google or any other machine-translators can ever produce, i.e.,:

  1. Correct translation for any long and or complex sentences

  2. Translation that follows certain terminology in a specified glossary of terms, where required

  3. Translation that reads like a professionally-written text, free from ridiculous mistakes that are typically produced by any machine translators

  4. Translation that in its turn will help build your reputation as a great business or organization and or your products as trustworthy products and in the end, your bottom line or the achievement of your vision and mission

  5. Where appropriate, creative translation or trans-creation that only humans, specifically professional, experienced human translators, can ever produce and any machine translators can never produce

Should you are looking for reliable, professional, and human translation services and satisfactorily and professionally translated documents, you can e-mail us now at info@tgtrans.com and tirawan@gmail.com, or you can browse this site for more information.



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